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Contact us if you're interested in hearing what's going on in the studio, co-productions, or acquisitions.

Is your script ready for the next step? You're in the right place!

Let us make your characters come to life!

Do you already have an idea that you would like shaped into a great project? We can help with that!



With plenty of experience and passion for marketing and pushing brands, let us know just Wät you want and we will deliver.


Gaming Apps

Here at WäTSTUDIO we have a passion for gaming and are ready to take your vision to the next level.

Story services, I.P. Sales, I.P. development TV/FILM

From script to screen we are ready. We can break down our process for you and get the engines fired up.


Outlines, treatments, script-ments, full scripts

We have original ideas in play, and ideas optioned. Let us explore the possibilities of telling a world class story audiences the world over will love.


Design - Art direction— Location, Vehicle, Props, Organics

WäT do you need? Photo real? Stylized? We have got this.


Character Design - Art Direction — Animal, Human, Creature

One of our specialties… let’s create iconic characters together.

Wire Frame- Character exploration

We know of NO other studio that can take a sketch to a true 3d image in record time. WäT is the secret? We aren’t telling, but ready to bring designs to the next level.


Full look book development for TV and Film

New, unique, worlds and characters are our passion. Where  are we going next? Who do audiences get to meet? Together we can answer these questions.


Concept paintings

A specialty and making art always makes us smile. Our team is world class and can handle whatever you can dream up.


Story-beats and Storyboards

Is your script ready to for the next step? So are we!


Character Modeling, rigging, surfacing and rendering

This is super complicated and hard. WäT? We rule this space.


Pipeline Development and creation

With over 20 years experience of pipeline evolution, one of the big reasons we are asked “What Studio did this?” Is because we know where things are at and going… you don’t have to look like amateurs, you need to ask WäT will make it better.


Layout 2d or 3d

Ready. Let us know.

Editorial and re-edit solutions

Recently we were brought in to re-cut and reenvision a trailer that a studio needed a new perspective on after a hard working crew over nine months had a week to deliver something that would land with the client. We came in and delivered. No time for new character design, but enough to re-storyboard, edit, render, add a new score with sound design and get an approval.



From script pages, story boards, editorial to cg layout, with digital cinematography, we can take ideas to cinematic greatness.


Fully animated and rendered Cinematics

Nothing is more exciting in the process than seeing a finished render. Unique worlds and characters are the absolute pay off, proving… “magic is real.”


“Trailer” or “Sizzle Reel" conception to fully rendered execution

We can write, board and edit a fully rendered “Trailer” or “Sizzle reel” to showcase your film, TV show or game.


Draw overs and reimagined art direction on pre-exsisting I.P.

Need some fresh eyes to breath new life in your art direction or character designs? Our team is grounded in classical artistic training and 2d animation. Bring us your vision and we can take it to the next level.


One of or specialties. Take a look at some of our work and let us deliver our next spot for you.


Marketing TV commercials etc.

Need help with marketing ideas or some ideas visualized in storyboards? We had a blast helping out on marketing materials for “The Minions Movie,” “The Secret Life of Pets” and “Sing.”

Series Work

From script to screen, let us help you bring your series to the world.

Toy Design

From appeal designs to actual printed models… we love toys.



Our team has written and directed multi award winning shorts that have screened in theaters and festivals the world over.

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